Ben Stafford.

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I am a Digital & Graphic Designer who specialises in developing robust, unique & interactive media. If you have found yourself here, our fates are already linked.




My Strengths

I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.









Graphic design
Front end development
Push boundaries

Try new things, explore what's possible & create the unexpected. Keep thinking outside the box.

Remember what's important

Don't forget the most important part of this world - people. Creating beautiful designs that people connect with is the goal, always.

Keep it simple

There is no need to complicate things. Think simple. It is the highest form of elegance.

2018 - 2019

Digital Design, specialising in digital marketing, brand & 1:1 customer marketing @ Vocus Group, Melbourne

Design & build digital assets from concept stage to going live which include dynamic digital OOH, DV360 creatives, landing pages for conversion & email automation design. To achieve deadlines I lead an off shore team of 4 to assist in the development of these assets.

Digital Designer specialising in WordPress development, branding & user interface design @ The Australian Good Food Guide, Gold Coast

Projects completed included Logo Design, Style Guide Design & Web Design & Development.
2016 - 2017

Web & Graphic Designer specialising in website maintenance & design collateral @ NAWO (National association of Woman in Operations), Melbourne

I was tasked to liase with the communications consultant to maintain and enhance the online web portal, including maintenance of the public website and members only web portal, content development, UI & UX design.
2014 - 2017

Digital Designer specialising in UX / learning design & website development @ Learoy Education, Melbourne

Role included developing art concepts from educational content, developing interactive content using the latest design techniques and understanding educational compliancy regulations.

So let's share some stories, collaborate, you never know where it will take us. I believe in a world full of creativity, passion and love. I’m guessing because you are here, you do too. Let’s create magic.

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